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Our Services

What We Do

We are a professional rubbish removal in Dublin. Our company provides garbage cleaning and repair services. Our team is ready to manage house clearance, garden waste, office waste, junk removalwaste removal, skip hiredrain cleaning and furniture removal. The main purpose is to help you to achieve a healthy environment. We are welcome to consult with you.

Household Waste

We are ready to help you to manage your household waste. Our company has several waste management methods. We will choose the best method to overcome the problem. We will think about the way to process household waste into something useful.

Garden Waste

Old leaves and branches may disturb the beauty of your garden. Just call us and let them get rid of your garden waste immediately. We try to process the waste into something valuable. Get the beauty of your garden back.

Office Waste

Just imagine how many wastes that offices produce every day. You should solve this issue right away. We will send a team to remove the waste. You will see your office clean and hygiene. You can go back to work comfortably.

Commercial Waste

It seems that commercial waste becomes a never-ending environmental issue. We come to help you to find the best solution. We have some experts who understand how to manage commercial waste without disturbing the environment and based on safety standards.   

Appliance and Furniture Removals

You don’t have to get confused anymore about how to throw away the old appliance and furniture. Let us help you to get rid of your old appliance and furniture. We will handle the old and damaged furniture and appliances well. 

Junk Removal, Electronic Waste and Sports Equipment

It is hard to destroy electronic and sports equipment waste. This waste needs specific treatment. We are ready to handle your electronic and sports equipment based on the safety standard. We can also repair the products if it is possible.